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Education in osteopathy

2nd level residential course in osteopathy in the University of Latvia’s Faculty of Medicine – trains doctors with any of the primary specialties with the goal of acquiring an education in osteopathy.

Both part-time and full-time studies are available. Studies are conducted through seminars, theoretical and practical classes. Students are trained to apply the theoretical and practical philosophies of osteopathy to the diagnosis and treatment of both child and adult patients.Osteopathy Bondi Junction Back Pain Skeleton

The training program includes:

  • osteopathic philosophy;
  • functional anatomy;
  • systems of the spine, extremities and viscera;
  • basic principles of biomechanics of the craniosacral system;
  • the basics of physiology, orthopaedics and rehabilitation;
  • studies of various visceral and paediatric problems from the point of view of osteopathy

The length of studies is 3 years. At the end of the course, students write and present their theses. The defence panel is comprised of internationally recognized osteopaths. Studies are conducted according to the standards of European osteopathy education.

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